The entire community of the Commonwealth is surrounded and protected by two levees. 

  • The original levee, Fort Bend County LID #2 (Levee Improvement District #2) was installed in 1970 to protect the southern part of First Colony. Part of this levee is on the northern part of the Commonwealth and runs along Palm Royale. Residents of the Commonwealth do not pay to maintain this levee.
  • The second levee that essentially forms the eastern, western and southern boundary of The Commonwealth was installed in 1988. The official name of this levee district is the First Colony Levee Improvement District #2. The levee and a drainage system were built to take our community out of the 100-year flood plain. The system includes the ponds, bayous, ditches, and lakes in The Commonwealth community. The district also maintains a pumping station and outfall gates to allow the runoff to exit the community and eventually to the Brazos River to the south of our community. 

Bonds were issued to pay for the construction of the levee and the drainage system. The ad valorem taxes that you now pay go towards the retirement of these construction bonds. 


Board and Board Meetings

A three-member board of directors directs F.C.L.I.D. #2, made up of the President, Vice President, and Secretary. All three directors are residents of The Commonwealth, but they are independent of the Homeowners Civic Association Board.

The Board meets once a month at 12:00pm noon on the first Tuesday of each month inside the district at 4330 Knightsbridge Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas 77479. All meetings of the Board are open to the public, and the public is invited to attend.